Sunday, December 3, 2017


On Saturday the 2nd of December I went surfing with three other people at Muriwai surfing beach.when we arrived we got in our wet suit and pick our surf board and also learning safety rules and how to stand on a surf board. Before we got in the water we went on the a hill and looked for ripes we learnt signs of ripes like brown water or water going on angle and a ripe is a wave that can wash you out. Then we got in the cold nice relaxing water.My first wave was wonky but as we went on we got better and also the waves got bigger.On our way back we got real fruit 
ice-cream that was delicious and the rest of the way back i slept the rest of the way.BIG Thank you to Tim Mrs Funaki sun for paying for us


Sunday, November 12, 2017


*When a crime scene happens investigators look for evidence like hair,fingerprints,
Shoe prints and siliver.

*When they find evidence they use gloves to pick it up and put in a mini bag that can be sealed.

*Then they send it to the laboratory and if the crime is outdoor  they would to work fast just in case of bad weather.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Ferguson trip

Ferguson Trip
On the ninth of November the year year six sindicate went to Ferguson for a tour and to learn what to do next year when we attend there.We had a lot of fun and my favourite class was it because you need to do coding and play with the robots.After we saw all the classes we got fruit and chocolate chip muffins that we made at food tech it was delicious and mrs key s talked then we left.I can't wait to go Ferguson  next year.


why we have seasons

Why we have seasons
  • Have you ever had a time in your life thinking why we have seasons ?If you have I can tell you why

  • We have seasons because the Earth's axis.The Earth's axis is the most important reasons why  seasons occur.

  • We have hot bright summer when the earth tilts towards the sun nut when it tilts away that is cold shivering winter.
  • As the earth rotates the sun's energy and heat effects.I hope you know everything you want to know about why we have seasons

Thursday, September 28, 2017

rugby prize giving

Rugby prize giving
Last saturday me and my brother team had our rugby prize giving. we all first had to meet up at ferguson intermediate. At ferguson we got given a really really flash trophies and rugby packs with candy and a rugby ball each. After we finished that we got awesome news that we were going to ice skating in pakuranga.when we all arrived i was feeling excited but kind of scared because i will just be falling the whole time but i really enjoyed watching people do there fancy tricks.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

lunch time is to short

We should make lunchtime longer
*My opinion is lunchtime should be longer.My first reason is when you're in the middle of a game and the bell rings people get not so happy and that won’t be so great.

*Plus we learn all day and we should have more time to rest our brain and if you don’t you can get all hulk.

*Along with that at lunch eating should also be longer because kids need to rush eating and they might choke on their food.

*With all these reasons you should have clearly changed your mind

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Zoo Trip
On the 28th  of july Rm 18 got a big opportunity   to go the Auckland zoo to learn more about  wetas because we want to redesign weta houses so they don’t become extinct. It was all paid for  by south sci.First we got print trackers and weta houses we had to choose where we put it. After
that we had a man named dawn who brought in the largest weta called
wetapunga.It   sad that they only have one more.We learnt a lot about dna and a number of facts.

BY Tim